CUET Exam Preparation – Tips to Score Better Rank


All the students who want to crack the CUET and get admitted to their favorite universities just need good preparation for the exam. Preparation strategy may vary based on the candidates’ skills but the common thing is that all of the candidates need it, especially in case of exams like CUET. This year CUET became bigger than its previous edition CUCET. Almost 18,00,000 students applied for the exam and 120+ universities participated in CUET. So the exam competition level is already high but a good strategy will help you to deal with it.

Having the preparation strategy becomes even more necessary when you have to cover a wide syllabus that consists of 4 sections – 2 language tests, 1 domain or stream-specific test, and 1 general test. Here we share some useful tips for better preparation for your CUET 2024 exam.

Time to start CUET 2024 Preparation

The current time is the right time to kick start your preparation for the CUET 2024 exam. Time plays a crucial role in the whole process of cracking the exam and securing more marks. Now just start the preparation with a clear mind of what you are expecting or what is your vision. Because when you have a well-defined goal or problem it’s easy to draw a solution from there.

Preparation strategy must be according to the skills and the ability of the candidate and that is the reason why different strategies work for different aspirants.

When  you can start the CUET strategy

  • For UG course – Along or after the 12th exam
  • For PG Courses –  Along with the final year of graduation or after the graduation
  • For Ph.D. = Along the final year of PG or after the PG.

Ways to Prepare for CUET

Candidates can prepare for CUET in two ways – 1.  Coaching institute 2. Self-study or they can go for the mixture of both.


Candidates who opt for the option of a Coaching institute for preparation can ask for tips and CUET preparation strategies from their professors. They will guide them throughout the journey of the CUET exam. All the study material like the mock test, sample test, books, and notes will be provided by the institute. Students have to take classes for 5 to 7 hours in their respective coaching institutes. Also, they can follow the CUET preparation tips mentioned here for the best result.

Self Study

In case students choose to self-study they need to work in a combination of smart and hard work. They need to follow a well-planned strategy and implement it in the best way possible. Candidates can follow the points mentioned below :

  • Plan –  Prepare daily routine and guide till the exam date
  • Social  – Use social media as an education hub to connect to the various educational material providers
  • Buy –  Purchase the books recommended by experts, friends, or people who have cracked the exam.
  • Perseverance – Not every time you will have a solution to a problem so just prepare well it’s ok not to know all the answers.

Must have points for CUET Preparation 

Focus – If anyone wants to achieve something in their life then focus is not important, it’s necessary. The same thing applies to the CUET preparation strategy, candidates need to be clear about their vision and their plan. It doesn’t matter if you have all the answers or not. But you need a mindset that is away from distractions. This way you can utilize your capabilities in a way that will start giving results with some effort. But if you are not focused on what you need, how you get it then after some time you’ll find yourself standing at a position where cracking CUET is becoming near to impossible for you.

Logical/ analytical skills: Candidates need to have the logical ability and they can develop it by solving the aptitude question.  By this, you can draw the solution to the problem related to the question paper and preparation strategy. And the general test section required logical ability.

Solve Mock Test – If a candidate wants to prepare for any exam then there is no better way of doing it than solving the papers. This practice will give some very useful insight into the exam. By solving papers, candidates have access to information like time management, strong and weak points, and whether a strategy is working or not. So do solve more and more papers to get the best result in the CUET exam.

Clarity of concept – The CUET exam has a wide syllabus and it is ok not to know all the things or topics of the exam. But if a candidate wants to score more in the exam they need to prepare well for most of the topics. Candidates must have complete knowledge about the important topics or the topics which help them in scoring more marks.

CUET Preparation Process

Read and complete the syllabus

  • Go to the CUET syllabus page
  • Read the complete syllabus of the exam
  • Get through to all the details of topics
  • Prepare a SWOT analysis of the exam
  • Make the important decision about topics that require more attention and topic that can be ignored
  • Prepare a daily routine and complete some topics on a daily basis

Solve important questions

When a candidate is done with the CUET syllabus, Now it’s time to find out the important question for the upcoming CUET 2022 exam. When candidates have solved all the important questions then the chances of him getting admission are higher than other aspirants.


Aspirants need to do the revision on a daily basis. Revision helps them to understand the topic deeply and they can memorize the points for a long time. It is possible that the candidate kept on forgetting the topic read by them some days ago and that is a serious concern. To overcome this situation students can revise their syllabus in a timely manner so they remember all the details and are able to perform better in the CUET exam.

Last Minute Preparation:

Last few days of any exam are quite important because at this time students make some common mistakes. They kept on reading more and more topics but that is not the right time to do that because exam preparation is in its last step. So candidates need to revise the topics that are a strong point of the exam preparation for getting more marks in that section of the exam. If you keep on reading the other topics then there is a possibility of forgetting the topics that are your candidate’s forte. So just go through your strong points it will give you confidence and you’ll score more marks.